ChristianMy name is Christian Miotto and I operate this blog here at ckmsfm.ca. I am a radio disc jockey who works in the industry and I have a great sense of enthusiasm for radio and how it all works.

I’ve enjoyed my time on the radio and I want to create this blog to share information to people around Canada about the joys of radio and all of its many forms. It’s an exciting world that is always evolving and I am excited to bring people information about what’s going on.

It is amazing to see how the world of radio has evolved to where it allows a variety of different types of bands to be heard on the air or to have all sorts of fun types of programs air in the public. The variety of things that you can hear on the radio is certainly interesting considering the many types of music or events that different people can enjoy listening to on the radio.

My goal on this site is to get people to become interested in radio and to learn a little more about the many inner workings of how the industry works. This includes a closer look at some of the interesting trends that come with the world of radio and how people are becoming more in tune with the ways how radio is being run in today’s society.

Take a look at what this site has to offer and you’ll see that the radio industry is certainly one that is alive and well. It is a thriving industry and I hope that this website helps you learn a little more about what is going on with it. It is a thrilling industry where there is never going to be a dull moment in terms of what is going on around the field.